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Welcome to Class 2


In Class Two you will find; 

Mrs Badger who is the Class Teacher, Mrs Cresswell who is our Teaching Assistant, Miss Winder, Miss Kelly who is a student and Miss Barton who takes us out for interventions..

This is a very busy year and in May we will take part in some special challenges.

Reading Books

Reading books and a signed reading record should be brought into school daily. Children will earn a praise point every time they read.The children will change their own books and are responsible for getting them out of their bags first thing in the morning. Children who have read at least 3 times a week for more than 4 weeks will be put into a special raffle at the end of term to win a book. Reading is so important across the school so please read with your child!!

PE Kits

This half term PE will be on a Monday afternoon, when we will be be taking part in Athletics and on a Thursday with Progressive Sports. Children should have a PE kit available in school in at all times. We will be taking part in Forest School activities within our PSHE lessons but no kit will be needed.  PE kits will be sent home at the end of each half term

Homework will be sent out every Wednesday to be returned the following Monday. 

Social Media.

We have a facebook page called Class 2 at The Brow 2018-2019. Please keep an eye on it to check out what we have been doing in class.



Our books for Summer 1 are;

Lila and the Secret of Rain

by David Conway and Jude DalyImage result for lila and the secret of rain


Bringing the Rain to Kaipiti Plain

by Verna Aardema 

Image result for bringing the rain to kapiti plain
Our big questions are ...


   1. Where would you prefer to live in the UK or Kenya?

2. What does the place we are learning about look like from above?

3. What do plants need to help them survive?



Try out these activities linked to our topics.


Learn about what is important to Jewish people and how their religion is different to Christianity.

Image result for judaism


What is Africa like? Learn some fun facts about it watching this clip.

Image result for africa


Watch this TingaTinga tale. What message does it give? Which African animals did you spot?

Image result for tingatinga tales






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