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Welcome to Class 3

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What is important to us in Class 3:

Emotional wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do at The Brow. Class 3 know that to be ready for learning we have to be healthy and happy; this includes our SEMH (social, emotional and mental health). Our learning so far has focussed on dealing with problems, specifially how to deal with worry and how to build relationships. This half term, we will be focussing on making healthy choices.


Did you know...?

Thousands of years ago, caveman or cavewoman came face to face with a number of animals that were ready to eat them! At this point they could do one of two things: either run for it or pick up a spear and battle.

Image result for fight or flight clipartEven now, we can still experience this feeling when adrenaline is released:

  • Heart beats faster
  • Lungs fill with air faster
  • Blood drains from the stomach (butterflies)
  • Muscles tense

These feelings are NATURAL! Anxiety can be thought of like a jug of water; 

  • Everybody's level is different
  • Events can make us feel stressed and cause our jugs to fill (and sometimes overspill) 
  • We can find ways to keep our level down 


In our classroom we have a worry monster - it can help to deal with problems until an adult is there to help.


Star Workers

Below are examples of children's work from this half term. These children have been chosen for their consistent and continued effort towards their learning. Well done!

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