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Welcome to the Wonderful Class 3G

This year in Class 3G we have two groups of Children.  A Monday and Tuesday Group and Thursday and Friday Group.  When chidlren are not learning in 3G they will be at their main school.  We have good working relations with all schools and aim to make sure children enjoy their learning.

What we have been up to

We have had a very busy first half term. The children from both groups have had a fabulous time getting to know one another and have all settled in well.

We have had lots of fun meeting Ginger Bear and her family and reading Goldilocks and the three bears; using lots of role play and activities to develop our speaking and listening skills.  We have also been keeping fit with Commando Jo and we even had a visit from puppies who were training to be guide dogs.

Class 3G and the Land of Dinosaurs

This half term our topic is dinosaurs.  We will be finding out lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs; when they lived, all their different names, what they ate and if they were carnivores or herbivores. We will be visiting the local library to find books on dinosaurs and we will be learning 'The Prehistoric Brigade' song.  Our role play area will be a dinosaur museum and we will become paleontologists digging for fossils, hatching dinosaur eggs and designing and creating dinosaur lands with erupting volcanoes.

Books we will be reading

Dino 1Dino 3

Our reading area!

img_5047(2)Dino 5
Dino 2Dino 4

Writing, Reading & Speach

We read indiviudally with children in class every day.  Please can you read with your child at home on a night time.

The 'BIG TALK' during reading we are looking at different pictures and asking/answering questions:

         Who?                                       What?                                    Where?

         When?                                      How?                                       Why?


We will be working on basic skills such as:


Handwriting skills

Number Skills

These will be distributed based on individual needs.