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Miss Beck

Our question for this term is 'How Would we Survive Without Water?', look at our documents below to find out what we'll be learning!

Homework sent in = Monday

Spelling = Tuesday (sent home) Friday (test)

Swimming = Wednesday

Homework sent home = Wednesday

Gospel singing = Thursday

Homework, Spellings and Family Time

Homework books are sent home on Wednesday and expected to be returned to school the following Monday. Children should complete one homework task, of their choice, from the menu each week.

Spelling lists will be sent home each Tuesday and the children will be tested on the spellings from that week on the Friday. Children are expected to practice their spellings at home in preparation for the test. The spelling journal has a 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' grid for children to use when practicing. Please bring your spelling journal to school every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You will need these for our spelling lessons.

As part of our PSHE and to build the confidence and the emotional wellbeing of our children we have Family Time every day. This time is used to express emotions and opinions that the children are experiencing as they grow. In Year Four the children will be participating in public speaking to build their confidence and fluency at such a pivotal point in their education. Each week the children have up to two minutes to present on a topic that broadens their experience and helps them to express their opinions. Please take a little time each week to speak with your child about the chosen subject or issue to build their confidence to present to their class.

Gospel Singing


Class Four are participating in Gospel singing this year. Our wonderful teacher, Mel, is teaching us how to perform and show off our voices.

We are currently learning songs for our Christmas carol concert, so please encourage us to open our mouths as wide as we can, "lift your eyebrows for light, bright tones, good articulation, and not through your nose, singing very clearly with light, bright tones!"

Computing at OBA

Class Four have been very fortunate to visit Ormiston Bollingbroke Academy this half term to receive computing lessons from the secondary school staff. We have used different software to create posters, and designed and coded our own games!


Melting Mermaids

Melting time lapse.MOV

Class Four wanted to investigate the types of water that we can find. We designed some creatures that you find in the sea and used tools to create their features. We then placed them in a bag full of water and left the bags in different places to see if the water changed. We left them in the woodland, but it wasn't cold enough to freeze the water. We left them on the windowsill, but it wasn't cold enough to freeze the water. Eventually, we thought to take them home and put them in the freezer all weekend. Above you will see what happened when we brought our frozen water (or ice!) back to school and let it melt to release our sea creatures.