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Year 6

Welcome to Class 6's Class Page. Here you will find all of the information you need to keep organised and prepared for school. Your teachers this year are Miss Murphy and Mrs Cottam. Mrs Swift will be on hand to help us on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  



Our learning challenge big question is:



Above you will find our planned activities for topic lessons. This includes key vocabulary you should spend some time learning and also your homework menus are attached.

Things to remember!

This half term we will have P.E. on a Monday

My Maths will be set on a Tuesday to be completed by the following Tuesday.

Tasks on spag.com will be allocated on a Friday to be completed for the following Friday.

Spellings will be set on a Tuesday and tested on a Friday. You will get another list on Friday to learn for a test on Tuesday.

Reading records should be signed and in school everyday. Please remember to claim your stickers for book bingo each time you have completed reading a book. 

From time to time you may be requested to complete some sections from your SATs Buster books. These activities will be to consolidate lessons taught in school. 

You will earn praise points for reading every day and bringing a signed reading record to school; for completing homework and returning it to school on time and for attendance and punctuality. Remember to bring the right things on the right days!



Place Value and Number Using a place value scale like this we can easily determine the value of digits. You will always find this knowledge useful when working with numbers. 

Key Vocabulary and phrases

ones O value,    stands for,     represents
tens T greater than >         less than <
hundreds H equal to, equivalent
thousands Th ascending/descending order
ten thousands Tth round to the nearest
hundred thousands Hth composite,      whole number
millions M integer,     positive number
ten millions TM negative number,   minus
hundred millions HM zero

We will continue to master the formal written methods for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We will also explore the inverse operation and how we can use this to check the accuracy of our calculations. 

Column Addition

Image result for column addition


Column Subtraction

Image result for column subtraction


Short Division

Image result for short division

Long Division


Long multiplication

Image result for long multiplication



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