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The Brow's Nursery Class!

 Welcome to our Class page. This term sees some changes to how our setting operates. To offer greater flexibility to those families eligible for 30 hours funding Class N is now open from 8:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Friday.

To accomodate the longer day our staffing is staggered to ensure that staff are available to cover the early start and late finish whilst still providing the correct adult: child ratios at all times.

Welcome to Class N

Autumn Term 1

All ready for breakfast

Some of our families take advantage of our early start and enjoy eating breakfast at Nursery.

all ready for breakfast

Our poppies ready to be displayed in the Shopping City.

This half term we have joined in with the rest of school and made poppies to display in the Shopping City to mark the Festival of Rememberance this year. We are very proud of our artwork.


New Equipment!

Our new sand and water trays have arrived! The children have enjoyed taking turns to share the equipment.

New Equipment 1(1)new equipment 2

Celebrating Harvest

This year we joined in with a whole school event to celebrate Harvest - a special breakfast! As a class we planned our breakfast menu, with every child promising to bring an item from our list. On 19th October 2017 we sat down to breakfast with our friends. We are very lucky to be able to have so much food to eat and we thought about those people in our country and across the world who are less fortunate than ourselves and often go hungry.

HarvestHarvest 2

Spring Term 1

Welcome to some new friends.

This term Class N welcome some new friends. We hope that Emre, Olivia, Phoebe, Jaidon, Isaac, Hayden, Kristen, Carson, Coby, Harry and Freddie will be very happy with us  and enjoy being part of 'The Brow'.

Our Parent and Toddler 'New Year Makeover'

Our Parent and Toddler group has had a New Year Makeover!!!

On Friday 19th January 2018 the group joined our Early Years classes - N and R for a 'Stay and Play' session from 9:00-10:30 am. (This group will meet every friday morning during term time) Our aim is to offer prospective families the opportunity to have first hand experience of our Early Years Facility.

On the first Friday of each month Parents from our Early Years classes have been invited to join us for the morning. Our first one is on Friday 9th February 2018. We are looking forward to working with our families.

Outdoor Learning

25th January 2018

Class N have been busy today!! First of all we took our phonics lesson outside and used our new 'Sound Station' to create different sounds on the various household items attached to our fence - pans, pizza trays, spoons, etc.

Then a group of children decided to work collaboratively to build a house - they carried large blocks in a variety of ways and had lots of discussion about what to do next. It was lovely to hear their ideas and the mathematical language used - balanced, heavy, one more! Well done Class N.

A new chair for baby bear

Today we set Class N a challenge. Their task was to make a new chair for baby bear!! The children loved experimenting with different media to make the chair, each model was unique and we were pleased to see lots of independent cutting and gluing.

Literacy Outdoors

This week we are reading The Gingerbread Man. We took our literacy lesson outside. We read the story under the trees and then acted it out. We used positional language as we travelled over, under and around our obstacle course. Class N chanted 'Run, run as fast as you can .....'. During our phonics lesson we used beaters to drum outdoors.

Literacy outside 1Literacy 2Literacy 3

Bedtime Story Day

February 6th 2018

Today we had a Bedtime story day in Class N. Staff and children came to school dressed in their pyjamas and enjoyed stories with our parents and grandparents. We also produced some lovely pieces of mark making based on yesterday's pancake flipping!! Another busy day in Class N.smiley

Storytime in Turkish

Today we received a special delivery from our local Library service. Two beautiful dual language books written in Turkish and English. Mrs Arikboga read one of the books to us and amazed us all with her ability to read Turkish. We think that Emre loved this special story time and we hope that he and Mrs Arikboga will teach us how to say Hello in Turkish.(and maybe some other words too)


Story time in Turkish

Early Years Stay and Play

Today we had our first Stay and Play session where parents of children from Class N and R joined us for our Friday morning session. We hope that everyone enjoyed the session


Goodbye and Good Luck Mrs Hough

9th February 2018

Today we said a fond farewell to Mrs Hough. She has been with us a long time and we will miss her. We made her last day with us extra special with cards, flowers, presents and a party.

Mrs Hough last dayMrs Hough last day 2

Spring Term 2

Congratulations Mrs Arikboga

Mrs Arikboga has been promoted. She is now the Deputy of our Nursery class and will be working two full days and three mornings in her new role. We wish her Good Luck at this exciting time as she takes on new responsibilities.

Another new friend

This half term we welcome Skylar and her family to The Brow. We hope that she will enjoy her experiences in Class N and make lots of new friends. smiley

Fun in the Snow

Just when we thought that Winter had gone away the weather treated us to another snowy day. Class N loved playing outside and exploring the snow.

Our New Role Play Equipment

1st March 2018

Today the children had a lovely time playing with our new role play/kitchen. Thank you to our site manager Mr Booth for putting it all together - we didnt realise that it was flat packed!!!

Investigating Ice

This term we are reading Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We have decided to link our topic to Science Week by finding out more information about Penguins and their habitats. This week we have explored the properties of ice  - how it feels, how to keep it cold and how to rescue the creatures that are trapped in ice.

Science week 1science week 2science week 3

Our Garden Makeover

This half term as part of our ECAT project we decided to enhance our Early Years garden to create greater opportunities for Language and Communication. One of our ideas was to create a Fairy Garden. During the half term holidays children from Class N and Class R were set a homework task to create something for our garden. We were amazed with their ideas and parents generosity.

Unfortunately our plans were delayed due to the severe weather conditions - wind, rain, snow and ice but we eventually made a start.

Throughout the term a group of Early Years parents have given up their free time to come in and dig, paint and create our fairy garden. We couldnt have done any of this without everyones support and we are very excited that our fairy garden is finally finished.

In your Easter Bonnet!!!

22nd March 2018

Early Years had an extra Easter Bonnet Parade today. Class N and Class R loved wearing their special hats and all received a small chocolate egg as a treat.

Who stole Mrs Webb's Easter Egg?

Today we used our counting skills to solve clues. We used the answers to discover the identity of the chocolate thief. Well done Class N.

maths 1maths 2maths 3

Summer Term 1

Meeting new friends

This term we welcome Aidan,Jenson and Milly Jo to our class.We hope that they enjoy being part of 'The Brow'.

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