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Welcome to Class N

We are a private and voluntary Pre School run by the Governing Body of The Brow CP School. Together with the Reception Class we operate as an Early Years Facility. Most of our parents choose the Brow as their school so attending Class N offers a smooth transition into school for our children.

Class N Staff


Mrs C Pendlebury is our Nursery Lead. Her additional responsibilities are Key Person, Early Years SENCO, Early Language Lead Practioner, Paediatric First Aider, Adminster of Medicines and Early Years Funding.

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Mrs L Arikboga is our Deputy Nursery Lead. Her additional responsibilities are Key Person, Paediatric First Aider,  SEAL , Food and Hygiene, Social and Communication Intervention and Collecting payments for Trips and Visits.


Mrs S Roberts is our Nursery Assistant. Her additional responsibilities are Key Person, Music, Intervention and Nurture.

Country of the Month


Each month we select a country to focus on. We will find out some interesting facts - where it is, what is its National dress or National dish. This is to help our children have a better understanding of the world in which we live.

So far we have looked at England, Turkey, China, India,Canada and Scotland. Follow us on our facebook page to see which Country we will visit next.


We participate in many celebrations throughout the year - Harvest,Divali,Christmas, Chinese New Year,Shrove Tuesday, Easter aswell as each child's birthday. We will sample special food and try to find out the many customs and traditions associated with each festival.

Our year in pictures .........


We have our own facebook page. It is called Early Years at The Brow. Nursery staff update the page daily, follow us to see what your child has been doing!!

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Five Little Ducklings

On Tuesday 7th May 2019 we received 6 duck eggs from a company called Incredible Eggs.The children have been fascinated watching as the ducklings have hatched. We now have 5 fluffy ducklings. We have found out that our breed of duck is 'Khaki Campbells'. We can't wait to hold them next week and teach them to swim.

What we are Learning

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