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The Brow's Nursery Class!

 Welcome to our Class page. This term sees some changes to how our setting operates. To offer greater flexibility to those families eligible for 30 hours funding Class N is now open from 8:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Friday.

To accomodate the longer day our staffing is staggered to ensure that staff are available to cover the early start and late finish whilst still providing the correct adult: child ratios at all times.

Welcome to Class N

Autumn Term 1

All ready for breakfast

Some of our families take advantage of our early start and enjoy eating breakfast at Nursery.

all ready for breakfast

Our poppies ready to be displayed in the Shopping City.

This half term we have joined in with the rest of school and made poppies to display in the Shopping City to mark the Festival of Rememberance this year. We are very proud of our artwork.


New Equipment!

Our new sand and water trays have arrived! The children have enjoyed taking turns to share the equipment.

New Equipment 1(1)new equipment 2

Celebrating Harvest

This year we joined in with a whole school event to celebrate Harvest - a special breakfast! As a class we planned our breakfast menu, with every child promising to bring an item from our list. On 19th October 2017 we sat down to breakfast with our friends. We are very lucky to be able to have so much food to eat and we thought about those people in our country and across the world who are less fortunate than ourselves and often go hungry.

HarvestHarvest 2