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Welcome to The Brow School Council

Monday 30th April

Monday 23rd April Which names would you like to have for our sports day teams?



Olympic athletes


Monday 26th March How should the Easter Egg Thief be punished?

Mark every book in school

Write a letter of apology

Buy a new egg


Monday 19th March Who should be soaked for Sports Relief week?

Mrs Badger

Miss Abel

Miss Leach


Monday 5th March Which activities would you like for indoor break?





Monday 26th Febuary How often should your grown ups teach you about the internet/check how you are using the internet?


When I use something new

When I ask for help


Monday 19th February How can we be a more eco friendly school?




Monday 5th February How can we be a more eco friendly school?

1) nature






Monday 29th January 2018 What shall we spend are praise points on? 

1) Toys

2) Stationary

3) Books 

4) Own clothes

Monday 22nd January 2018 How shall we use ICT in PE?

1) Making warm up music 

2) research skills 

3) video analysis

4) apps

Monday 16th January 2018 What can we do to improve behaviour?

1) Corridor 

2) Playground 

3) Lessons 



Monday 18th December 2017

1. Pas the Christmas parcel+ pin the nose on the snowman

2. Fill the Christmas stoking 

3. Christmas jigsaw race 



Monday 11th December Which clubs do we need more of during Spring term?

1) sports 

2) Computing 

3) Arts+ crafts 

4) Drama




Tuesday 5th December 2017 What movie do you want for movie night?

1) Grinch 

2) Lego batman 

3) Moana

3) Trolls 

4) Muppet Christmas carol 

We will watch the grinch!



27th November 2017 what stall would like at the christmas fair? 

1) huck a bauble  

  2) chocolate cards 

3) pick a carrot 

4) Tinsel  pull 

5) Where in the world is santa 

Please could people bring in baubles for our winning stall. 

Can anyone suggest ways to fundraise for our Lego robotics workshop. Add your suggestions to the suggestion box in the hall please. We will be setting up action teams to help with this. 

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